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What Can I Do With Unwanted Shoes and Clothes?

Updated: Mar 30

When you want to part ways with unwanted shoes and clothes, you have several options at your disposal. Is it best to simply throw them amongst the rest of the daily rubbish, or is there another use for shoes and clothing you have yet to consider? The fact remains that some people own so much clothing that it's hard to keep up with everything, so here are a few ideas to stew on when you're unsure what to do with shoes and clothing you no longer need or no longer want.

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Get crafty

Most people toss away unwanted clothing in the trash bin and forget about it. After all, what's another white Oxford shirt going to do for a new wardrobe anyway? Nevertheless, one idea is to get crafty with the used items and create a personal work of art. It's particularly great entertainment for children as they get to think creatively, but what crafts can you make out of clothing you no longer want?

The time-honoured choice is to repurpose worn, possibly tattered shirts to make double-sided quilts and blankets. You can make a reasonably intricate quilt with enough fabric, and all you really need is a bit of sewing skill and the determination to get it right. Pay particular attention to prints and vibrant patterns that would look smashing at a distance, especially if the clothing is somewhat on the vintage end of the spectrum.

Donate them to charity

If getting crafty isn't your cup of tea, the alternative is to donate unwanted clothing and shoes to charity. Not everyone is lucky enough to be financially secure in these difficult times, so you may not realise how much a simple white button-down shirt and a decent pair of trousers would feel to someone who literally has nothing. You'll be giving these people the gift of hope, and nowadays, a measure of hope is hard to come by unless kind people meet the moment.

When you donate to charity, the process is pretty straightforward. Some organisations will actually pick up the items on your behalf, so you don't have to travel to a specific donation centre. The need is especially dire for children's shoes and clothing, making it an easy choice to donate if you're undecided or simply want to be rid of possessions you no longer need.

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