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Ways To Support Homelessness Charities

Recent figures show that around 227,000 people across the UK currently experience homelessness, with just shy of 2,800 people sleeping rough in London. Charities Caritas Anchor House and We Collect We Donate, both provide essential support for homeless people across our capital city. While they might be two separate organisations, they both have the same mission: the help local communities. What’s more, they both offer vital help for those sleeping rough across London.

Seeking Human Kindness

Here are five ways you can support homelessness charities just like Caritas Anchor House and We Collect We Donate:

Donate your unwanted clothes

Is it time for your annual summer wardrobe refresh? Perhaps you’re having a much-needed clothes clearout? Maybe your little ones have grown out of their babywear, and you want to pass them on? We Collect We Donate provides a charity clothes collection service, working in partnership with Caritas Anchor House to ensure your pre-loved clothes will be given to disadvantaged groups, including homeless people.

What type of items should you donate:

  • General clothes

  • Shoes

  • Coats and jackets

  • Bags

  • Costume jewellery

While it might be tempting, We Collect We Donate doesn’t accept kitchenware, furniture, electricals, books or bric ‘n’ brac.

Fundraise or donate cash

This is probably one of the most obvious ways to support homelessness charities: by donating or fundraising money. Whether you have some spare cash (however big or small, every penny counts) to donate, or you decide to hold a fundraising event, your money can go a long way.

From organising a charity quiz to putting on a sporting event or even facing your biggest fears by taking on a challenge, there are so many ways your can fundraise for charity.

Give your time

What’s just as valuable as donating money is giving your time. Volunteering is vital, whether you’re directly supporting those sleeping rough or helping to ensure homelessness charities can continue to operate. From hours, days or months, giving as much time as you can undoubtedly mean so much.

Leave a gift in your Will

Many people choose to leave a legacy by gifting money to a homelessness charity in their Will. This way, you can continue to help homeless people in the future, as well as today.

Become a corporate partner

It might be that the company you work for wants to give more to homelessness charities. If this is the case, then you could consider becoming a corporate partner. After all, homelessness charities are stronger when they build and form successful partnerships with businesses and the community.

From your team members volunteering, to sponsoring events and providing essential guidance or support for organisations, there are plenty of ways businesses can partner up with homelessness charities.

Support a homelessness charity today

Whether you’re clearing out your clothes closet, want to regularly donate cash, or have some spare hours to give, there are multiple ways you can support homelessness charities. Find out how you can get involved with Caritas Anchor House and We Collect We Donate and help tackle homelessness today.

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