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How to Donate Clothing in London

Decluttering your closet is easier when you know your clothing is going to a good cause – or at least not ending up at the dump. Globally, 92 million tonnes of textiles waste end up in dumps and landfills each year. Depending on the material, it can take decades to break down. Donating your used clothes not only helps save the planet, but it helps those in need. To you, an unwanted jacket just takes up space, but it could be someone else’s new favourite staple piece. Donating clothing gives your clothes a second chance. If you’re looking to make a clothes donation in London, we’ll help you figure out how to do it.

Choose a Worthy Cause

When donating clothing, most people want to know they’re helping contribute to a good cause. Some big corporations accept donations and then sell the items for a profit. We Collect We Donate Clothing does exactly what the name says – we collect unwanted clothing and donate them to charitable causes in the London community. We strive to help the homeless and most disadvantaged throughout the UK. Our items are 100 percent free to the recipients.

Gather and Prep Your Donation

If you’re trying to decide what to donate, A quick rule of thumb is that if an item is in good condition and clean, it’s a perfect clothing donation. Usually, the best donations are clean items without holes or stains. If you haven’t worn it in a year or it no longer fits, you can donate the clothing articles instead of letting them just collect dust. According to a study from sociologist Sophie Woodward at the University of Manchester, about 12 percent of clothing in a woman’s wardrobe is “inactive” – or not worn. Experts recommend going through your closet once a year or once a season to declutter. You’ll feel much better after thinning out your closet since clutter is a common source of stress and anxiety for many people. Sometimes it’s easy to store clothing and think you’ll eventually wear the items again.

Schedule a Collection

Sometimes finding a location to drop off your unwanted clothing items is more of a hassle than it’s worth. Driving around looking for a location is time-consuming and a burden, especially if you have bags of items to donate. We Collect We Donate Clothing comes directly to you to pick up the items! All you have to do is bag them up and schedule a collection. We pick up items in London postcodes: >E >N >SE>RM >IG >SE >NW >SW

>W >EN >HA >CR >BR >TW >KT >SM >SS >UB >CM. Check to make sure your postcode is on the list and fill out the form online. You can schedule a date of your choice from the calendar. It’s a contact-free pick-up, which means you just leave the bagged items outside with a sign or label that says “We Collect We Donate” so we know what we’re picking up. We make it simple for you to help a good cause with your clothing donation.

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