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Donating Your Clothes to Charity - What Happens Next?

When we decide to donate our clothes to charity, we know we are doing something good for our community, but it doesn’t always end there. We provide more than just clothing for those in need. Thanks to our partnership with Caritas Anchor House, your donated clothes do so much more than just clothe people.

Money raised from the sale of donated clothes goes to Caritas Anchor House. The charity aims to provide resources such as personal rehabilitation, guidance, and education. This will assist homeless adults in moving towards a more satisfying and independent lifestyle.

Caritas Anchor House provides several resources for single adults to get on their feet again. These include:

A Referral Process

They work closely with referral agencies instead of directly managing the individuals' referral needs. Most referrals come from the London Borough of Newham Homelessness Prevention and advice team, but they also accept referrals from other organisations, outreach services, refugee councils, prisons, and specialist agencies.

One-to-one Support

Caritas Anchor House works with individuals by helping them break through their personal obstacles to become an independent and active member of society. When assisting people in transitioning into their new lives, Caritas Anchor House looks at areas relating to:

Support often involves:

  • Providing specialist advice and emotional support

  • Referring and assigning residents to outside support services if necessary

  • Encouraging residents to participate in community activities and build real relationships

  • Coordinate with outside agencies to build more support networks for residents

  • Supporting and encouraging a resident’s volunteering activity

  • Supporting residents with their training and providing encouragement with employment activity.

Education, Training, and Employment

Education and training are essential in assisting those who have experienced homelessness and preventing it from happening again. They offer many different services to residents. A job coach can assist with access to resources and access as needed, various workshops, volunteer placements, and mock interviews.

Resident Volunteering

The volunteer programme assists residents in seeking areas of interest and defining their skills. Volunteering provides a safe space to develop relationships and have discussions. Residents have expressed a desire to volunteer to be productive and provide a routine to the day.

Moving On

The programme’s end goal is to help people move on with their lives and become independent. Caritas Anchor House provides specialised advice sessions to help with this. The Move On team assists residents with everything from helping residents find and secure new properties to completing the necessary paperwork, setting up bill payments, and budget planning. They even keep in touch with people after they move out for up to six months to see how they are getting on and if they need any further support.

Service User Involvement

From the very beginning, there is encouragement for the residents to become involved by helping shape the community they are a part of. Monthly meetings are held as an opportunity for residents to share ideas and make suggestions for development.

The next time you think about donating your gently used clothes, consider donating to We Collect We Donate. You’ll be giving so much more than just clothes and shoes to somebody who really needs it, you’ll be giving people a second chance at life. If you’re looking for a clothes donation service in London, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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